Hello and welcome to my new place on the web

These are exciting times, opening our hearts to the possible.

I am the mother of three girls of love. When the girls were babies, I was involved in a car crash, severely injured, and had a Near-Death Experience. Life was forever changed.

Now, it’s time to share many little things I’ve learned along the amazing path that emerged after the crash. Mostly about parenting, but also much beyond.

How will this website evolve? I do not yet know.

I do feel my writing will be of relevance to you if:

  • You feel that MOTHERHOOD (or being a parent) is the most profound job you ever had.
  • You feel you wish to know more, find guidance, on how to walk through this life with our children—beings of light, agents of change—especially in these transformative times.
  • You hold a vision of love for the earth, the world, the universe, and recognize that our children are one of the keys.
  • You face, or have faced, a personal crisis (of any kind, content, or challenge), with your children aboard the ship.

What to expect?

I wish I knew myself. New thoughts and shared experiences will be uploaded about once a week, or every other week, depending on my inspiration. I prefer not to get something into my email box, if it’s not worth reading. So I promise not to send anything I don’t feel is worth sharing in written words. I hope that what meets my heart will meet yours too.
No matter how much I write, for now (I will update you if anything changes), you will get only one email a month. Please subscribe.

Looking forward to this journey,