Hello and welcome to my new place on the web

My Site is currently evolving. Please forgive me if it disappears here and there – It’s on its way.

These are exciting times, opening our hearts to the possible.

I am the mother of three girls of love. When the girls were babies, I was involved in a car crash, severely injured, and had a Near-Death Experience (NDE). Life was forever changed.
Today, ten years later, I am a present mother. I am also a shamanic practitioner. Working mostly with children and their parents.

This website brings all that I encompass:

(1) My near-death experience and what I learned from it. Focusing on parenting and our spiritual role in our children’s’ lives. See more under my NDE and everywhere on this site.

(2) Shamanic parenting – And how we can integrate shamanic perspectives into our daily parenting lives.

(3) Little shamans, or more generally, intuitive and psychic children. Who are they? What gifts do they bring? And how can we, their parents or significant adults, reach a hand to them – allowing them to stay who they are. See both thoughts and practical tools in Spiritual Children.

(4) Sometimes, I wish I could share, what I now know, the answers to questions I never asked, with myself. Myself lying in the hospital bed. Myself in the long rehabilitation process. Myself wishing to find a way to become my own daughters’ mother. Myself walking to the unknown, and the beautiful doors that opened in the NDE. You can read these letter, I sometimes write to myself in notes (I wish) I wrote to myself.

(5) Finally, I love stories. And they seem to like coming to visit too. If you need a mythic story. One that would talk to your being, through your heart, you can find them under healing stories

Wish to know more about who I am? See who am I? Simple isn’t it?

In Oneness.