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My life journey took me to places I did not know existed. Or maybe it is more accurate to say that I did know, but like so many of us, I had forgotten.

After forgetting (like many of us), I was invited to remember.

To remember who we are, beyond our human form, habits, patterns, confusion, and tendency to ignore our beauty, essence, and luminosity.

As a parent, a mother, the problem with forgetting who we are is that it directly affects how we raise our children. Luminous, intuitive, spiritually aware children who still know who they are (and don’t need to remember/awaken).

The invitation to recall who we are as energy and essence comes in many forms. My invitation came in numerous little invitations to acknowledge and accept myself as a sensitive human, able to work with energy, a potential writer, a seer, and more. I perfected the act of ignoring these delicate invites.

The next invitation had to be one that I would not be able to ignore: I was gifted with a car crash (in which I was severely wounded) and a Near Death Experience (NDE).

To make sure I would not turn my back on myself again, I have been blessed with three intuitive, spiritually aware daughters. They were the greatest gift and motivation to choose healing, as they constantly invite me to question, adjust, and grow.

My journey took me through becoming absent, unable to take care of the ones most important to me, to embracing the gateways and gifts offered in my NDE. A process that took me from an academic path in social-organizational team psychology (Ph.D. & post-doctoral studies) to becoming a Shamanic Energy Healing Practitioner and to writing.

My personal healing journey took me deep, and then deeper. I started with the physical wounds, embracing a healthier lifestyle and changing my nutrition. I then accepted that I must embrace energy healing, in its various modalities. I resolved issues from past lives, ancestral healing, soul healing, and learned how to walk whole. It was, and still is, a process that requires attention and repeated conscious choice.

Sharing my personal experience as a mother of spiritually aware, intuitive daughters, and my insights from my own healing, together with my professional experience as a mediator of energy healing with numerous clients, including children, teens, and parents with whom I have had the privilege to walk, is how my little place on the web came about.


I am a certified Shamanic Energy Healing Practitioner, continuously learning. I work primarily with children, teens, and families worldwide. I offer individual sessions and workshops for parents, mentor other energy healers in their work with children, and share tools and guidance for self-exploration.

I guide parents of intuitive, sensitive, and spiritually aware children, helping them understand them, connect to their spiritual self, and say YES to the many invitations their children offer. Guiding them in becoming the parents that their child’s soul chose.

I am also a wife and a homeschooling mother to my three spiritually aware intuitive teens, who constantly invite me to grow, and to our three four-legged teachers, who know more about love than we humans can ever understand.

Four legged family of Efrat Shokef

I believe in children: Our future.

I believe in our children’s beauty and luminosity and their ability to shine and walk the gifts, missions, and learning they wish to.

I am grateful for the teachings that the children in—my own three intuitive, spiritually aware teen daughters and my clients—offer.

They are persistent in believing in us, adults, teachers, and their parents. They know we can shed all that we have collected throughout our years on Earth and walk our essence—the reason for choosing us as their parents.

In the years that have passed since the big invitation of the car crash, NDE, and being unable to care for my own daughters, I have embraced life. I make daily mistakes and gain new insights daily. I walk my human nature while also doing my best to manifest the one understanding I feel is the key:

Remembering who we are.

Knowing that we are more than our physical selves.

Accepting our luminosity, our energy, and our essence.

Each of us choosing to walk our beauty and offer our presence and service to our world.

I know we are more because of my personal NDE experience.

You know you are more than your physical being because of your experiences.

And when we forget, we have our children to remind us. Loving souls that are very creative in getting our attention and helping us choose the path of us.

My daughters chose me and their father as their guides here in this lifetime.

Your children chose you as their guide in this lifetime.

There are reasons for these choices. We are all ONE, yet also different.

Understanding who we are moves us from any type of parenting we previously walked to becoming Spiritually Aware Parents.

In all the services I offer—individual sessions, remote energetic work, workshops, speaking, and writing—I merge various energetic healing modalities that allow healing at the source of one’s wounding, using techniques from both ancient and modern healing practices. My core practice is based on tools from shamanism, but as I grow, I find I add tools that also come from other healing modalities.

The goal is always to be a mediator for the healing of the child, teen, parent, or family as a whole. Taking the needed steps together to ensure your ability to heal yourself and your family.

I refer to myself as a mediator of healing. I’ve learned that the best healers for children are their own parents, whether by taking care of their own healing so that they walk their essence or by providing their children with the energetic guidance they need.

Therefore, as you read my articles and posts, you will intentionally find many tools. Some are placed throughout the text, and I trust that those who need them will find them. Others are available for FREE in the resources section.

Use them…

So that you can BE, TRANSFORM, and then PARENT FROM YOUR ESSENCE. The essence that your children chose when they chose to be born to/to be adopted by/to accept you as an additional life guide.

I hope all the information I offer here will nurture your understanding of who you are and who your children are. And from your understanding, your sacred relationship with your children will become a joyful, shared dance of your beauty.

In Belief. In Being. In Luminosity.

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