Notes (I wish) I Wrote to Myself

How I wish I could share with myself, that of over ten years ago, what I know now. It would have made so many steps in the journey so much lighter.
Honoring the journey, the lessons, and their gifts, I share them now.
In a dance of words, of what was, of the now.

If you are new here, welcome! … and I suggest you start with In retrospect: A letter to myself.

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Picture of Efrat ShokefLife is a journey. Sometimes challenging, always rewarding (if we choose it to be so). Welcome to my little space on the web. I am Efrat, a mother of three spiritually aware teens, a shamanic energy healing practitioner, and a writer. I believe in children – our future, and in our ability to offer them the conditions they need to walk their true, beautiful, and enlightened soul-self. New to my space? Start here :).

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