Spiritually Aware Parenting

What is parenting? What is spirituality? And how do the two dance in the journey of our lives? Parenting our biological, adopted, fostered, or stepchildren, often merely being a significant adult, invites us to the depth of our journey here on earth. It is an invitation to experience profound love, heal old wounds, grow, expand, transform and become. Not sure where to start? Here is my recommendation: Spiritual parenting: How to guide children in being their true selves.

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Picture of Efrat ShokefLife is a journey. Sometimes challenging, always rewarding (if we choose it to be so). Welcome to my little space on the web. I am Efrat, a mother of three spiritually aware teens, a shamanic energy healing practitioner, and a writer. I believe in children – our future, and in our ability to offer them the conditions they need to walk their true, beautiful, and enlightened soul-self. New to my space? Start here :).

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