Shamanic Energy Medicine

Shamanic energy medicine is a healing modality that combines energy medicine and shamanism, encompassing our connection with the Earth, Spirit, and the dance with the energies of the four winds.
If you are new to this world, I hope that the following posts will provide a practical glimpse into what they are and how we can apply these tools to our children.

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Soul Retrieval with Children

What is soul retrieval? What causes soul loss and the deactivation of our energy? Why do we need to retrieve and activate our soul parts, and can soul retrieval work with children?

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Picture of Efrat ShokefLife is a journey. Sometimes challenging, always rewarding (if we choose it to be so). Welcome to my little space on the web. I am Efrat, a mother of three spiritually aware teens, a shamanic energy healing practitioner, and a writer. I believe in children – our future, and in our ability to offer them the conditions they need to walk their true, beautiful, and enlightened soul-self. New to my space? Start here :).

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