Bringing Energetic & Shamanic Tools To Your Family

Guiding our children on how to nurture their energy field or energetic bodies, is part of the guidance they ask for, especially if they are spiritually aware.

In this two-day workshop, we explore and experience many techniques for working with energy, earth, light, and shamanic journeying with our children. From telling healing stories to offering our children simple yet profound tools for cleansing, keeping their energetic boundaries, and infusing their energy.

We all teach our children to brush their teeth and care for their physical bodies. Our energetic bodies are just as important. This workshop will give you basic yet profound tools to employ and teach your children.

This workshop is for anyone who wishes to bring energetic and simplified shamanic tools home, to be shared with their children. In the workshop use a lot of visualization, so if you are uncomfortable with visualization techniques, let’s talk beforehand.

We work using zoom. Being able to have a quiet space will be great. We all deserve that from time to time. Children coming in and out of the room while we work is acceptable. Often, they are pulled in, wishing to learn and participate. As long as it does not interfere with our shared work and your learning, they are welcome to be around.

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Bringing Energetic & Shamanic Tools To Your FamilyBringing Energetic & Shamanic Tools To Your Family

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