Shamanic parenting workshop: Are you ready to bravely embark on your parenting journey?

You are invited to join a unique online parenting workshop. Using shamanic and energy healing tools, we will work together to release old bindings and constraints that affect your ability to parent your children in alignment with the soul agreements you made with them. All the details are ahead.


What is this workshop about?

This two-day online workshop (Six hours each day) invites you on a journey of healing. We will explore what may constrain our parenting by looking at childhood and past life traumas, energetic ancestral heritages, limiting beliefs, collective energies, and more. We will seek to bring awareness to how they affect us and, thus, the way we are raising our children, and we will aspire to bring healing using energetic and shamanic techniques.

There are many modalities to work with what binds us. True, deep, and final healing needs us to integrate healing at all layers of our being. Often, we feel we have resolved an issue we have walked with for years. Yet, it still lingers around us. That is because we always need to bring resolution and healing also at the energetic layer. If we don’t, in awareness and spontaneously or intentionally, as offered in this workshop, our healing is incomplete, and the issue will continue to affect us.

This workshop is open to anyone willing to dive in, choosing a healthy family over fears of change.

The shamanic parenting workshop: More details.

The role of parent is the most significant one we will ever play in our lives. Spiritually, it is a profound invitation for growth. An opportunity to evolve, become, and be. Walking who we, the parents, came here to Earth to walk and, in parallel, being able to better guide our children in their path and adventures.

If we are not walking our walk, if we are not accepting this beautiful invitation of growth offered to us by becoming a parent, then our guidance to our children is bounded and limited by our own issues and patterns.

What should I expect to experience in these two days?

  • An intimate group of like-minded parents wishing to grow.
  • Focused work using shamanic tools (such as guided meditations, shamanic journeying, work with our energy field, and more).
  • A transformative experience: We will bring awareness and energetic resolution to the issues and patterns we walk with and that bind and limit our parenting.
  • We will learn as a group what the soul promises we all made to our children are. And then…
  • We will use shamanic tools to explore and reflect on why our children choose us as their parents, including their expectations and the conditions they need to flourish and dance the life they wished to as souls before coming to us.
  • We will experience and acquire energetic tools we can share with our children.

Who is this two-day workshop for?

  • Parents of children of any age, wishing to bring healing to their relationship with their children and return it to a healthy path.
  • Parents of spiritually aware children who wish to be able to better guide their children.
  • Any parent, who understand that they need to do personal work to become better parents to their children.
  • BRAVE humans! We gather to work. Within these two days, 12 hours total, we aim to release and let go of anything that does not serve our children or us and affects our relationship.

Who is this workshop NOT (YET…) for?

  • Those of you (or whose child) are in a crisis, of any kind. If this is the case, please discuss it with me (see registration information). There are circumstances in which our work can push you forward, and there are others in which intense energetic work can create further turbulence.
  • Those of you who have doubts about our ability to work and heal using energetic tools.
    In these two days, we aim to work as deeply as possible. Doubts are part of the journey (I’ve gone through many of them myself), but they can also hinder the group’s ability to work. Join us only if you are ready to work and release. Shamanic tools are unique, powerful, and life-changing. But they are not for everyone. And this does not say anything about you. It may not yet be your time, or this might not be the right group for you to work with. I may not be the right shamanic energy healer for you to work with, or maybe the tools that will work for you are different.

Do you wish to experience a shamanic session before participating in such a workshop?

I would be happy to offer a personal session for you to experience the effect of this work, before you join a group (contact me for details), and/or you can subscribe to my newsletter and receive a gift of six eBooks about energetic & shamanic tools we can share with our children that will give you a sample of who I am, and my approach.

What will you leave the workshop with?

  • A bunch of energetic tools you can share with your children and use to continue the work by yourself.
  • A better understanding of your soul relationship with your children, those wonders who you love most.
  • A lighter energy field. We aim to release lots of density that holds you back from being the parent that you can be.
  • An eBook containing all the information and tools we will experience together.

When and where is the workshop?

To be informed of upcoming workshops, please subscribe to my newsletter.

Previous workshops were help during weekends – Saturday-Sunday.

Hours: US East Coast: 9 am–3 pm; US West Coast: 6 am–12 pm; UK: 2 pm–8 pm; Central Europe: 3 pm–9 pm; Israel: 4 pm–10 pm

Online, using Zoom.  For six hours, including breaks.

Until new dates are announced:

Support your journey with a 6 week, parenting awareness journaling prompts / questions for thought…

Read more about this FREE resource HERE.

FAQ about this Workshop

Can my children be in the room with me?

It would be valuable if you can take this time to be alone and immerse yourself in the work.

However, as parents, sometimes we don’t have someone else to watch over our children, or sometimes they need us at that exact sacred moment when we try to mediate.

Your children can come in and out of the room in which you work with us, as long as they do not disturb the other participants (mute the session when they come in and turn off your video).

Do I have to share my experiences with the other participants?

No. We work as a group, but each participant focuses on their process. We all learn from sharing, so sharing is welcomed. But whether to share is a decision left to each participant.

Will there be recordings?

No. This is an online, live workshop.

The work is highly personal and takes place when we work together, in real time.

Each participant will receive detailed handouts, including all information and tools.

Do I have to be familiar with shamanic tools, such as shamanic journeying?

No. This workshop is for everyone seeking healing in their relationship with their children. Knowing these tools may be an advantage, but it is not necessary.

How do I register? Please subscirbe to the newsletter to be informed of upcoming workshops. When a workshop opens, I wish to create a group that can successfully work together; thus… registration is by email.

I then (A) send you some questions to help me understand who you are; and, accordingly, (B) my PayPal payment link to finalize your registration.

If there is something that we should discuss before you register (for example, if you are in the middle of a crisis), you can email me or share this information in your response to the questions I will send you, and we can decide together whether the workshop is indeed right for you at this time.

Wish to talk to me before registration? We can hold a short 15 min Zoom talk.
Contact me: efrat @ efratshokef . com


“During the workshop, I managed to connect and feel places within me I’ve been longing to find. I realized my children, that came through me, are unique independent beings, and they each have their own journey to walk. It helped me release many perceptions of what is right for them and support them in what they need, and how they ask to walk.” M. Israel (February 2023)

“Wow. I invite anyone reading my testimonial to stop and give yourself this opportunity to meet with yourself. It may be a little scary, but you won’t regret it. You will find that you know, walk with deep wisdom, and can be nonjudgemental to yourself or others. It is a safe space to heal, receive a warm hug and learn a new language. I was very stressed before the workshop, and now I am immensely grateful for this opportunity. It was much beyond my expectations! ” T. Israel (February 2023)

“This was an amazing weekend. I and family members have been Efrat’s clients, so I know her loving and powerful work as a Shaman. Although I did not have any clear expectations for this weekend, I knew that it would be enormously valuable and, indeed, it went beyond that. The work was deep and meaningful, and the learnings were at all levels. Regardless of where someone is on their personal journey or their work, there is a benefit for any and everyone. The weekend was an incredible mix of being supportive and challenging. I truly look forward to more and am very grateful for having been a part of this.” V. USA (January 2022)

“Celebrating the magical work of Efrat, who guides and expands her shamanic wisdom in her workshops to help one and all to grow. If you are looking to explore a deeper dive on your healing journey as an individual and as a practitioner, this is work I highly recommend.” S. India (January 2022)

Shamanic parenting workshop: Are you ready to bravely embark on your parenting journey?Shamanic parenting workshop: Are you ready to bravely embark on your parenting journey?

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