FREE Resources—Take your parenting (or personal) journey to the next level. Empowering Spiritual and Shamanic tools to share them with your child(ren).
All resources: (1) Spiritual Techniques for Grounding (2) FREE – Parenting Awareness Journaling Exercises (3) FREE – 147! Useful Questions to Ask About Your Family’s Wellness (4) FREE – Nurturing Your Child’s Energy Field (5) FREE – How to Craft A Healing Story for Your Child?


(1) Spiritual Techniques for Grounding – A FREE Parent’s Guide

Spiritual Techniques For Grounding: A Parent’s guide.

Download this Free course and learn how to support your child(ren), not by pulling them down, but by both you and them, choosing when to soar and when to be present, in awareness, and with simple and easy spiritual grounding techniques.


(1) To recognize the triggers and avoid or change them.

(2) The essence of spiritual grounding and when you wish for you or your child(ren) to be grounded and when you actually wish to be able to soar.

(3) How to use the techniques of Naming.

(4) Many Earth and Nature related grounding techniques.

(5) How to expand and how to center your energetic field, which will allow the ‘control’ over the level of presence right for you at each moment.


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(2) FREE – Parenting Awareness Journaling Exercises – 6 week program.

Resources-Parenting Awareness Journaling Exercises to enhance your Parenting Journey

Parenting is a journey of growth!

6-week email program – weekly journaling exercises delivered directly into your email box.
Each exercise includes a parenting theme to explore, questions to contemplate, and also explanations and related personal stories as examples.


(1) How would you like to walk your parenting, and what type of example do you wish to offer your children? 
(2) Why did your children choose you?
(3) How to become more precise in your daily parenting decisions and actions?


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(3) FREE – 147! Useful Questions to Ask About Your Family’s Wellness.

Free Download: 147 Useful Questions to Ask About Your Family’s Wellness: Even before we explore them, merely in our awareness, questions are the first step to transformation. They invite conscious decisions and nudge us to transform.

Transform your family’s wellness with this comprehensive list of wellness questions, including Soul Journey and Spiritual facets of wellness.

What to expect?

Each family is different in what she perceives as health and what she perceives as wellness.

Follow your knowing for yourself, your child(ren), and your family as a whole.

The questions are an invitation – Explore them in the order you are called to.

Then, pick one and start implementing it.            

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(4) FREE – Nurturing Your Child’s Energy Field – 6 Week Email Course for Parents.

Nurturing your child’s energy field: A Parent’s guide.

Children and Teens are spiritual, energetic beings just as we, their parents, are. And as energetic beings, they need guidance.

In the 6-week Nurturing Your Child’s Energy Field course, you will receive six eBooks delivered weekly, and an invitation to join a private supportive FB group.

Each eBook focuses on one topic, offering simple, empowering, energetic tools for children and teens.

Each eBook includes instructions for parents and coloring sheets for the young.

eBook 1: Breath

eBook 2: Visualizing Light

eBook 3: Centering & Precision

eBook 4: Stones & Crystals

eBook 5: Nature & Earth

eBook 6: Mindmaps & Journaling


(1) Six simple, effective tools you and your children/teens, can use to elevate your energy and connect to your essence and intuition.
(2) Ways to describe ‘energy’ and its tools to your children/teens.
(3) Strategies for making these tools become a daily habit in your family.


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(5) FREE – How to Craft A Healing Story for Your Child?

How to Craft a Healing Story for Your Child?

Healing stories told from one heart to another create magical moments for both children and parents. It is time we all share this magic with our families!

A comprehensive guide that explains the approach and provides detailed steps to share healing stories with your children.


How to open to such magical stories

The structure and framing

Guidance on interpretation and telling


(1) To tell stories without interfering with interpretations or trying to direct them.

(2) How to share the magic and simplicity of healing stories with your child(ren).

(3) Techniques for receiving the stories and how to structure and frame them.


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Nurturing your child’s energy field: A Parent’s guide.

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