Shamanic Energy Work With Children

Children have a natural ability to see the unseen. They feel the vibrations around them, those from nature and those from humans. And especially, those from us: their parents and families. Some children are more sensitive to these vibrations, some less. They all benefit significantly from shamanic energy healing.

Children have a natural ability to see the unseen.

There are two main reasons for considering shamanic energy healing for your children. Firstly, if your child is dealing with any type of symptoms, such as fear, anxiety, trouble sleeping, social challenges, or any emotional or physical health challenges, and you have not been able to assist them by other means for a prolonged period of time. Many childhood challenges can be overcome by various healing modalities. In parallel, if you feel you have tried many things, and they did not help, or the improvement is not enough, I recommend that you try energy medicine, and particularly, shamanic energy medicine. I hope to shortly share here some case studies (with permission, of course) that will help those who have not had experience with this type of work take a glimpse at the reasons, the process, and the possible results when working with children.

Two reasons to approach a shamanic practitioner:
(1) To work with your child on an issue.
(2) To assist you – the parent, in guiding your child of light.

A second reason to approach a shamanic practitioner is when you need assistance in guiding your sensitive child. All children are children of light; some of them are more highly sensitive to the vibrations around them. This appears in different, often very subtle, ways. These children need guidance, as without it, they might close an essential door in their lives. One they need to keep open if we wish them to stay who they are. Often, we, their parents, don’t remember how to do that. This is where an energy healer (from various modalities, not necessarily a shamanic practitioner), preferably one who works with children (and there are many), can guide and assist you, the parent, in reaching out your hand to your child and better understanding what they experience, and how to guide them.

The work with children of all ages needs their explicit, direct permission.

In the shamanic energy healing path I walk in, as taught by the Four Winds Society, we do not assume parents can make the decision to be assisted by shamanic energy healing for their child. You are welcome to consult and get the guidance you need as the parent. But, to work with children of all ages, I ask for their explicit, direct permission. They might be small in their bodies. They might have “less” experience living here on earth (in this lifetime) than us, their parents. They are great beautiful light beings. Souls. That know what they need. Know what they want. And when in need of such guidance, they know who to approach. So yes, sometimes, a parent contacts me, I provide the guidance they need, and then, when they ask their child, they refuse. We must always respect that. It can be because I am not the right soul for them to work with (and I am happy to refer further); it might not be the right timing, or, which happens often, they need their own parent to step forward into their beauty, remember what they knew as children, peel off some of the defense mechanisms they have placed over their ability to sense energy and its vibrations, be attuned to their own intuition, and be the ones who guide them.

To allow you a deep understanding of the experience your child will have, it is recommended that you will first it yourself.

I strongly recommend that if you feel that a shamanic energy healing session is appropriate for your child, you should first try it yourself. It will allow you a deep understanding of the experience your child will have, and will provide a mutual ground on which to establish it later, in your shared life here, on earth, in our dense physical reality. More often, many issues (not all of them) that come from our families can be solved through you, the parent.

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