The Car Crash: An Invitation for a Physical Reorganization

The car crash. An “accident” (are there accidents?), a dance of cars, and a meeting of related souls, who had never met each other here on earth before. In precise timing, one car came downhill, on a lightly wet road, and for some reason, slipped to the right. The woman in it, the other woman in this story, as she called herself at our first unexpected meeting, did what I would have also done, tried to correct to the left, and found herself driving directly into my lane. Into me. We crashed.

Are there accidents?

No. I did not see her coming. Yes. It could have easily been the other way around. The road was slightly wet. Tiny raindrops were pounding on the car windows. The sun, coming in and out from behind the clouds. Everything was clean. Shining. The air carried the fresh smell of earth dancing with the drops. A few moments earlier, I had brought my toddler to her daycare. We sang rain songs. My twins were at home with my mom. My husband thought he would work from home that day.

I felt a sense of a “boom” coming. A boom that awakened all of my senses. The next thing I remember was light.

I only felt a sense of a “boom” coming. A boom that awakened all of my senses. The next thing I remember was light. Then flowing, and being at peace, so calm. Hovering in love. Later I learned that I had what is called a Near-Death Experience. And you can read more about my Near-Death Experience here, and about how it affected my healing. Life forever changed.

Then, I crashed back into my body. It was not my time to go. I was overwhelmed with pain, sending signals from my leg, my arm, my neck, my back, and especially from my belly. My husband who arrived at the location of the crash, the other woman, and I were all evacuated in a helicopter. There was no chance I would have made it otherwise. I was losing tons of blood. The 9 am radio news reported that: “There was a serious car accident on Highway 44. Two cars involved. Two women were injured, one critically. The road is blocked to traffic in both directions.” By the 11 am news, the road was again open to traffic. No further report was made. My shoe was left lonely on the side of the road by the old carob tree. A beautiful, large carob tree still standing there. I was already in an emergency operation. As you are reading these lines, you know that I made it. The car crash was the start of a different and new phase of our lives.     

More on its effects… will come in future blogs…