The Promise We Made book

Reconnect to your Truth -
Parent from Your Essence.

Awake to your beauty and truth through this true story of a quest for the essence of motherhood.

Join Dr. Shokef’s heartfelt true story of a car crash and a simultaneous Near Death Experience, months of absence from her role as a mother, and the invitations that followed. An inspiring story of personal transformation and extraordinary healing and growth. 

Embrace the Shared Spiritual Soul Journey with Your Children.

Rediscover the path to your sacred relationship with your children. Allow your heart to open to an ancient universal soul roadmap and to the invitation to embrace your shared journey with the ones you love most—your children.

Explore what Near-Death Experiences can Teach us about Parenting.

What can Near Death Experiences teach us about parenting and our sacred relationship with our children? And how can it apply to your motherhood or parenting choices? Reconnect to three universal soul promises we all made to our children.

Feel the energy; don't just read about it.

Immerse yourself in the healing energy embedded in the parables at the beginning of each chapter.  Stories speak to our expanded being, touch our hearts, and awaken our inherent knowing—the truth we carry with us from beyond space or time. Read these reminding stories with your heart and awaken to your own inner truth.

Weave spirituality into your everyday family life.

Take the next step in your family’s shared journey using the exercises offered, applying the insights shared in each chapter, and enhancing your walk as a spiritually aware parent.

The Promise We Made is for you:

  • If you walk conscious of your choices and spiritually aware and embrace (or want to embrace) your shared journey with your children.
  • If you wonder if and what agreements you made with your children even before they were born?
  • If you see your child’s magical essence and wish to create the conditions they need to stay the beauty that they are and live a whole joyful life.
  • If you are ready to show up and embrace your own luminous self, willing to enter the motion of love and align your truth with how you walk.
  • If you are a parent to young ones or grown-up children, a grandparent, or a teacher – we all made the same universal soul agreements with our parents, and it’s never too late to show up and create the conditions we and our children need.

Deepen your journey with complimentary resources.

To support your journey with the insights offered in the book, you can receive a complimentary:

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Praise for 

The Promise We Made

"A Profoundly Vulnerable Tapestry Woven With Timeless Healing – After reading Dr. Shokef’s book, The Promise We Made I’m struck with a remarkable amalgam of awe fused gently with welcomed recognition. The heart-stopping details shared from every aspect of her miraculous story of surviving a debilitating car accident and the long nonlinear journey of recovery she still is living is also balanced by profound insights she took away from a simultaneous NDE (near-death-experience) while in the grips of the accident itself. Her lesson for us all to remember, if we choose, is that nothing else matters other than the pure Truth, Attentiveness, and Motion of LOVE. As a fellow survivor of several NDEs, I found great comfort and healing in reflecting upon my own experiences while delving into the vast insights of her own. Shokef is a skilled storyteller, and her palpable vulnerability is a loving invitation to the reader to explore your own self-healing via whatever ‘classroom’ life presents you not only as a parent but as a being that is both human and spiritual. No matter who you are or what you’ve experienced, reading this book just might change your life if you’re willing to receive the grace it promises to share." 
"The Promise We Made is full of beautiful truths, insights, and practical exercises to help you integrate the lessons she shares with beautiful stories at the beginning of each chapter that help you connect to her personal story in your own way. Sometimes, when our world feels like it’s falling apart, it opens us to a new dimension, giving us an opportunity to align with our true and correct path, and this book and Efrat’s story is a beautiful example of how struggle, uncertainty, and challenge can be threaded through with gratitude, acceptance, and love. I finished reading this book with a full heart and a reminder that we are all LOVE, that we are connected through love, and that we get to choose how we show up each day through what Efrat refers to as soul moments. These moments occur every day and offer us a choice, an opportunity to align more deeply with our soul’s purpose here on Earth. This book is for every parent and every adult child who has ever wondered if they’re doing it right, what their purpose is, or why life throws us curve balls. It is for those who wonder what the point of our challenges are and what is beyond this world."
"The Promise We Made goes beyond the typical parenting guides, delving into the often-neglected realm of spirituality in parenting. Efrat's exploration of the soul agreements between parents and children is a unique and enlightening perspective. Through her personal story, she unravels the essence of parenting, asking profound questions about our roles as mothers and fathers. Her journey to become the mother her children chose unfolds as a powerful testament to the transformative potential within each parent-child relationship. The book articulates three primary soul promises—Truth, Attentiveness, and the Motion of LOVE—universal agreements that resonate with every parent. Efrat masterfully guides readers through the importance of embodying truth, fostering attentiveness, and embracing the motion of love for mutual growth and transformation. Efrat's writing is not just a guide; it is an invitation to embark on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and conscious parenting. Her words are filled with wisdom, compassion, and a deep understanding of the sacred bond between parents and children. The Promise We Made is a light for parents seeking to bring spirituality into their parenting journey. Efrat Shokef Ph.D. has written an enlightening story that not only shares her personal story but also serves as a guiding light for parents navigating the sensitive terrain of raising children connected to their essence. I wholeheartedly endorse this book, knowing it has the power to create a positive ripple effect in the lives of families worldwide." 
“The Promise We Made is such a special golden thread in both the spiritual and parenting book genres. Efrat doesn’t try to give you just a cognitive understanding of Spiritually Aware Parenting, rather, she offers a beautiful trio of heart centered focuses. This trinity is composed of her own personal experiences around a Near Death Experience and her recovery, allegorical stories received in meditation to illustrate the spiritual growth and simple practices for you, the reader, to embark on the embodiment of the concepts being discussed. This means you don’t read a chapter and then find yourself trying to force yourself to integrate what’s being discussed. Rather, the stories and philosophies dance around you, so you can just allow them to flow through you, gently realigning you to a new state of being and consciousness. It is rare to find a book that allows you to experience spirit rather than just read about it. […] What Efrat has achieved with this book is create a testament to this journey, this inner dance between human contrast and the spiritual love that is ever flowing. She has offered, through her own experiences, insights, stories and profound tools, a roadmap for parents who feel called to something deeper within their relationship and life they are building with their families. Through the concepts of Truth, Attentiveness, and the Motion of LOVE, she offers foundational cornerstones on how to build a spiritually aware family and an intuitive, heartfelt path to create them. […] Having a guide like The Promise We Made gives you a steady pace to grow with, rather than the panic to “heal” in a rush. Tapping into the field of Love, remembering who you really are, creates just the right timing. The journey of the Spiritually Aware Parent can often feel isolating and confusing. This is yet another reason why The Promise We Made is such an important addition to any parent’s library. It reminds you that while the journey is uniquely yours, there are others traveling it, right along with you. May your journey be blessed with love and the light of everything you really are."
“This book is an absolute gem of life wisdom. Through her personal story of becoming re-aligned with soul after the challenges of a near-death experience, Efrat Shokef explores what it means to love fully in a way that honors our true spiritual origins. She skillfully guides readers to embrace our own journey with authenticity, create space for “soul moments”, and enable those we love to truly be who they are. This touching and inspiring story elevates our understanding of love through one of its purest forms - a mother’s deep love for her children.”
"This thoughtful book takes us on a sacred journey to becoming a spiritually aware parent, a journey we may have not realized we longed to embark upon. After a Near Death Experience, the author was guided along a path of understanding and ultimately teaching spiritual parenting. The path forward for parents is illuminated by lovely and meaningful exercises to help us find our own undiscovered wisdom we can tap into to assist each soul in our care to grow into its full potential. Whether parenting small children or grown ones, there is something here for everyone. I highly recommend this profound deep dive into the sweetness of sacred parenting."
“Explore the spiritual dimensions of parenting through this heartwarming memoir, offering profound insights and practical advice for living with greater awareness, compassion and connection with our children.” 

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The Promise We Made book, Kindle and phone
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The Promise We Made- New book by Efrat ShokefThe Promise We Made- New book by Efrat ShokefThe Promise We Made- New book by Efrat Shokef

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