Writing is like breathing. A dance of letters, filled with light, emerging into words, sentences, paragraphs, a post, an article, a book. A story never told is like a captive. We need stories to evolve. I write because I can’t not write, just as I can’t not breathe. I also write to share. To share with you what I often wished someone would share with me. I invite you to make yourself a warm, nourishing cup of tea and enjoy reading.
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Soul Retrieval with Children

What is soul retrieval? What causes soul loss and the deactivation of our energy? Why do we need to retrieve and activate our soul parts, and can soul retrieval work with children?

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Life is a journey. Sometimes challenging, always rewarding (if we choose it to be so). Welcome to my little space on the web. I am Efrat, a mother of three, a shamanic energy healing practitioner, and a writer. This website offers my thoughts, knowledge, and experience on energy healing and shamanic work with children, our journey of growth as parentsspiritually aware children and parenting, and more. I would appreciate your thoughts, questions, and any related sharing. You can reach out through the let’s connect page.

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