Shamanic Energy Medicine: What Is It?

What is shamanic energy medicine, often referred to as shamanic energy healing or shamanic healing? What does it mean to me? And will it be the answer you are looking for?
Shamanic energy medicine

How do you imagine a possible mode of life?
Maybe it means you are vital?
Perhaps it means that existing physical challenges do not limit your Spirit? That you enjoy good health? Perhaps it means your work aligns with your passions? That you soar with your dreams? That you have time for all those things you have put on your lists for years? Maybe it means your eyes sparkle with the joy of being? Possibly, also, while walking with a challenge? Perhaps the possible life mode gives you a way to fulfill your dreams while also providing for and raising a happy and content family? Maybe it is about the inner connection to your own heart and the guidance of your children? So many possible happy and joyful modes of life.

What is Shamanic Energy Medicine?

Shamanic Energy Medicine, often referred to as Shamanic Energy Healing, opens the door to all of the above and more. It traces back to ancient wisdom, once known on every continent and in every tribe and culture. It was brought back to the west by indigenous wisdom keepers and western academic adventurers who sought their medicine and realized its powerful healing and ability to transform—often connecting it to our ability to create psychosomatic health.

For some people, shamanism is a life path. The way they walk through life, including practices and ceremonies. For others, it is a method for connecting to Spirit. Spirit that is everywhere. Beyond us, among us, in nature, and within. For me, it is a spiritual practice, one that guides me to a deeper connection to the Earth and its elements. A way of walking hand in hand with the little elements of everyday life, bringing forth our innate relationship with the Spirit that exists in everything. Aiming to walk in a right relationship with all. Reciprocal respect with all beings.

Shamanism is a life path, including practices and ceremonies—a profound way of connecting to Earth, to Spirit, and to all that is one.

In our fast-paced world, we, more often than not, get out of balance and sync in our relationship with the world around us. That’s where shamanic energy healing can help. Shamanic practitioners, like myself, sometimes referred to as modern shamans or those practicing neo-shamanism, can serve as a bridge between our ordinary reality and that of the unseen. Hence, they can assist in finding the source of the imbalance, guide their client to find right relationships, and thus be meditators for healing.

In serving as the bridge between realities, shamanic healing can aid in almost any lack of balance, in both physical and emotional experiences, mental and relational issues. Even more, shamanic energy medicine can serve as an anchor for finding and following one’s soul’s journey. Often, the right relationships with everything surrounding us are found by merely walking our path and listening to our hearts. A shamanic practitioner can help remove those vast boulders that block our way when walking our life path. Boulders that often come from past lifetimes and are not always relevant for what we came to accomplish in this lifetime.

A shamanic session aims to mediate healing that will guide the client into finding right relationships.

One of the main tools used by a shamanic practitioner is that of journeying. When journeying, the shaman leaves their body intentionally and travels to other dimensions of reality to gain insight, track the source of the imbalance, retrieve soul parts, and bridge and mediate the healing the client is asking for. Shamans do not bring healing themselves. They use their connection to Spirit to serve as mediators for the healing that can occur at our energetic layer and in other dimensions.

My Personal Take on Shamanic Energy Medicine

I am a graduate of the Light Body School, The Four Winds Society: A modern shamanic school, integrating ancient wisdom with advanced research in nutrition, psychology, neuroscience, and epigenetics into a coherent applicable body of thought and practice. Continuing to study with, and to be mentored by Berta Kuhnel, and by Lynn Berryhill

I could try to explain further and describe it. Describe and share. The thing about Shamanic Energy work is that you believe it only based on your own experience. It is one of those things that cannot be accepted by any other means.

Shamanic energy work can best be “explained” by experience. Try it, and you’ll understand these words.

For me, practicing shamanism and working with Shamanic Energy Medicine is a magnificent journey. One that brought me healing at an extent I did not imagine possible. My near-death experience served as an invitation to take the leap and become what I can be. Walk toward the possible. A way to shed and clear out energetic baggage that did not serve me anymore. An approach to developing a new way to look at life and live it with clarity, joy, and precision.

Today, it allows me to mediate healing to others. It serves as a bridge between clients’ perceived reality and the one unfolding in invisible parts of this reality. Ones that I have the ability to see. The healing takes place at the clients’ energetic layer of being, and from there, it seeps down into their thoughts, emotions, and physical reality. It is healing at the levels of the soul’s journey. Clearing obstacles, bringing balance and shifting awareness. It happens at mythical levels, opening our hearts to what is possible.

Who is Shamanic Energy Medicine or Healing For?

Anyone can benefit from experiencing a shamanic energy healing session. Whether we admit it or not, we all, always, have something to work on. The beauty of the shamanic process is that often, not a lot of words or processing is needed, and still, something always shifts. Old stories are put behind us, and we can start writing the new ones our hearts yearn to live. Shamanic energy healing is also appropriate for children. They love shamanic sessions and work. They are sensitive beings, and they surrender to the process and claim its gifts with their whole heart. More on Shamanic Energy Medicine healing with children here.  

Shamanic Energy Medicine is often sought by those who feel nothing else has helped. If that’s where you are, try it. Is it for everyone? While anyone can benefit from shamanic energy medicine, it’s not for everyone. We are fortunate to live in an age of multiple energetic modalities for healing. At their energetics, all modalities take us to the same healing sources, and they are all powerful and amazing. Explore, and listen to your heart. Choose the modality that you feel comfortable with, and that calls you.

Read more on What to expect from a Shamanic Energy Medicine session? And On Shamanic Energy healing with children.         

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