All Children Are Spiritual – Made of LOVE.

All Children are Spiritual, as are all of their parents. Where do we parents, or educators, need to start for us to be able to guide the spiritual child?

All Children. All Children! Are spiritual. All children are made of LOVE. Not human love – The love of the universe. The greatest power there is. And as we, adults, parents, were also once children, we too are made of this same LOVE. Yes, you too! I learned that from my personal experience in my near-death experience. In those short earthly moments of hovering in shimmering light. So bright that here on earth, it would have dazzled me, but once enveloped by it, it was just beautifully bright. In those short earthly moments that felt like a few days with all that I experienced, I felt love. Love in a different way than what I knew before. Before, meaning in this lifetime on earth. As Efrat.

It bubbled into me. It was so soft. It was acceptance. It was empty of any judgment. It was all so tranquil. I felt intact, peaceful in who I am, complete, and whole. Within those moments, I gradually recognized, within my being, within my skin, that the light bubbling into me was bringing love. Was love. Until I felt and realized I was love myself.

That is what we all are. Made of tiny fragments of LOVE. We are all children of light.

It is not only my experience. Numerous people here on earth have had near-death experiences or other forms of out-of-body and spiritually transcendent experiences. So yes, even if you did not have the experience yourself, you too, we all, are made of love.

When I was recovering from the car crash and trying to understand better what happened in those few magnificent moments, I wished to find a way to share this LOVE with my daughters. I knew in my heart there must be a way to experience it here, on earth. It took me a long time to realize that the way to experience it here on earth is by being me. Simple. Profound. Challenging! One day, hopefully sooner rather than later, you’ll be able to read all about this process in my book. For now, I am jumping forward:

If my way to experience this profound heavenly love here on earth is by being me, that is also my way of sharing it with my daughters. If they can stay who they came here to be, they will feel they are LOVE.    

Walking in the LOVE that we are, here in our dense bodies, is expressed in joy. Whole joy. We rejoice in our participation in all of life facets. We are attuned to what we know, the truth that is communicated to us through our hearts. We can be attentive to ourselves. To notice what is precise for us, and what is not. When we, as parents, support those abilities in our children—inherent abilities they all come with—we assist in keeping the door to themselves, to who they are in their essence, open. Allowing them to grow up to be who they wished to be. To be LOVE.

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