All you need to know about shamanic healing for children.

Is shamanic energy healing for children? What should you, the parent, know about shamanic healing for your child? Why their direct permission is needed, and how to communicate with them about it; Many little but important details about shamanic energy healing sessions with children.

Children have a natural ability to see the unseen. They feel the vibrations around them, those from nature and those from humans. And especially those from us: their parents and families. Some children are more sensitive to these vibrations, some less. They all benefit significantly from shamanic energy healing. Yes. Shamanic energy healing is (also) for kids. Children connect to shamanism and to shamanic healing.

Children have a natural ability to see the unseen.

Why consider shamanic energy healing for your child?

There are two main reasons for considering shamanic energy healing for your child.

(1) Healing

The first reason to consider shamanic energy healing for your child is when your child is dealing with any type of symptoms, such as fear, anxiety, trouble sleeping, social challenges, or any emotional or physical health challenges, and you have not been able to assist them by other means for a prolonged period. Various healing modalities can resolve many childhood challenges. If you feel you have tried many things, and they did not help, or the improvement is not enough, and you stumbled upon this site, maybe it’s time to try energy medicine, and particularly, shamanic energy medicine.

Shamanic energy medicine usually takes us one step further, as it aims not to relieve our symptoms or those of our children but at finding the source and mediating a cure there. The source can be something from this lifetime, such as an energy they picked up. An energy that is not theirs and needs to be removed. It can be a trauma they experienced, which may often not be considered a “trauma” in the traditional medical meaning, but has affected them similarly. In many cases, the source comes from other lifetimes, recreated in this lifetime, to call us to action. An action of deep resolution. An action of deep healing. An action of choice. A choice to heal at the level of our soul. And when healing the layer of our soul, we can step forward and embark on the journey we came here to take, with no unnecessary baggage. Kids are little shamans. They sense their wish to choose. And a soul’s choice can be made even when in little bodies, still very dependent on us, their parents.

Children today come to be creators—to walk their soul’s journey. They bring gifts. They are agents of change. They ask for our help and guidance to clear out what they don’t need very early on in their lives. The younger they are, the more connected they are. Not because we become less connected as we grow, but because social conventions have not yet confused them. As parents, we must open ourselves to the possibility of their energetic experiences and allow the healing they ask for in these levels of their being.

Two reasons to approach a shamanic practitioner:
(1) To work with your child on an issue.
(2) To assist you – the parent, in guiding your child of light.

(2) Parental Guidance

A second reason to approach a shamanic practitioner is when you—the parent—need assistance in guiding your sensitive child. All children are made of love and light. All children are all spiritual beings. Some of them are more highly sensitive to the vibrations around them than others. This sensitivity appears in various, often very subtle ways, and these children—our children—need guidance. Without guidance, they might close a door in their lives. A doorway to who they are in their essence. One that they need to keep open if we wish them to stay who they are.

Often, we, their parents, don’t remember how to do this ourselves. Our door was closed on us when we were young. If you find yourself able to recognize that your child is sensitive and needs guidance with something that you are yet to find within you, an energy healer (from various modalities, not necessarily a shamanic practitioner) can guide and assist you. Guide you, the parent, in reaching out your hand to your child and better understanding what they experience and how to guide them.

The work with children of all ages needs their explicit, with thier direct permission.

Respect and Permission

For a moment, let’s think about your best friend, someone in your life you cherish, love, and trust. One day, they visit you, and your house is a mess. Are they allowed to start cleaning? Can they decide what goes back into its place, where each thing’s place is, and what will go to the trash? Do they have the right to do that without asking you? Without consulting you while helping you out? And what if they can see the unseen and notice that you carry an energy that does not belong to you, and they perceive it as negatively affecting you. Are they allowed to clear your internal space without your permission? Without asking? Can they look into your luminous fields and support you without your acknowledged consent?

As adults, it’s obvious that our houses are private. Unless we have an exceptional relationship with our friends or family or are dependent on their help, they will not clean our house for us without our consent. And our bodies? Our bodies are private too. Our bodies will be tended to by others without our permission only when we are in a life-threatening situation and cannot respond. What about our energetic bodies? Aren’t they private too? Sacred? Can anyone look within us, around us, without permission?

When you and I, as adults, approach a healer of any modality, it’s clear that the healer we approach cannot work without our permission. The boundaries of privacy and respect must be kept. Why is it different for children? Can we parents decide for them who will work with them? Help or guide us in their healing without considering their opinion? Even babies, who do not yet speak, can communicate very clearly who can work with them and who cannot. They start much simpler: who can hold them? Who do they trust? If we listen… they will tell us.

When we remember that those little children who are dependent on us are actually huge souls, equal to us, these questions are eliminated. Children, too, must be asked. They, too, must give their permission for any healing: whether for a “physical examination” at the doctor’s office or for an energy healer, a shamanic practitioner, to look at their luminous fields.

In most cases, children are thrilled to have a shamanic healing session. It is the parents who hesitate because they don’t know enough or are scared to encounter their own soul.

To many parents’ surprise, most children are happy to have a session. Parents hesitate. Not sure how to bring this forth. How to offer. And then, their children respond with a clear YES. Young as they may be, they know when they need the help of an outsider. They recognize when their parents don’t know how to guide them on something. And the more sensitive they are, the more they know exactly what’s going on and what guidance they need. It’s us—the parents—who have been walking for so long at a distance from our soul, from our essence, who are uncertain and dawdle.

Indeed, when this is not the language spoken in your house, suggesting a shamanic session for your child might feel a little uncomfortable. Shamanism is for kids and adults alike. Having a session yourself will provide you with the experience and understanding of what it is about, and thus you will be able to present the option to your child with confidence. Furthermore, it will provide a mutual ground on which to establish it later, in your shared life. Often, at least some of what’s happening for your child can be worked through you. Some, not all. They do bring a lot of their own soul’s issues. Issues not related to us. Having a personal session can thus facilitate the healing you wish for your child and allow you to offer your child a session, knowing what you are talking about.

How to communicate and offer your child a shamanic energy healing session?

While our children often don’t need any explanations, as they follow their hearts, and feel that this is right for them (or not), we, parents, often need to explain. So here is a way to explain…

(1) Put your palms facing one another, fingers touching.

(2) Distance your palms, with about 5 centimeters, or 2 inches, between them.

(3) Start moving your palms closer and further away from each other. Create a very delicate movement between them. You can bring them close, but without any fingers touching.

(4) Play with this for a few minutes… closer… further apart…

(5) Do you feel the warmth created between your palms? Does your child feel the heat?

(6) That’s energy. That’s part of the luminous energy field—the “unseen” layer around us.

(7) Now take the game further; see together how large a distance you can create between your hands. Can your child bring their hands between yours (without touching) and feel the warmth between your hands? Can you feel the heat between theirs? Can you take your hands, put them above another body part, not touching, and feel the luminous layers around your body? Your child’s body? Can they feel yours?

This is more than a fun experiment:

Beyond being a fun experiment to try together, this is the explanation. This is what an energy healer works on and mediates healing through. Thus, when you offer your child a session to help them with something, you can say that the shamanic practitioner will look at these unseen fields and see if what they are experiencing comes from there. This demonstration is usually enough; no additional words are needed.

Hence, to work with your child, I, as do most of my colleagues worldwide, ask for the child’s explicit and direct permission. You are welcome to consult and receive the guidance you need as the parent. But, to work directly with children of all ages, their consent must be given. They might be small in their bodies. They might have “less” experience living here on earth (in this lifetime) than us, their parents. Still, they are great beautiful souls, who know what they need. Know what they want. And when in need of such guidance, they know who to approach.

What if they say “NO!”?

What if they say ‘’No”? This happens. A parent contacts me, I provide the guidance they need, and then, when they ask their child, the child refuses. And we, the adults, respect that. Their refusal can have many reasons. It may be because I am not the right soul for them to work with (and I am happy to refer further); it might not be the right timing, or, which happens often, they need their own parent to step forward into their beauty, remember what they knew as children, peel off some of the defense mechanisms they have placed over their ability to sense energy and its vibrations, be attuned to their own intuition, and be the ones who guide them. After their parents have done some work, they are often ready to work on what they need.

Once, I talked with a mother who wanted me to work with her son. She wrapped the invitation to him in beautiful words and told him that he would get a gift. Indeed, many sessions do end with energetic gifts, such as a part of the soul that returns, an abundance of light filling us, or a gift from the upper world to remind us of our path. Her son said, “No!” Then, a few hours later, he came to her and said, “I got my gift. Now you go get yours.” He was inviting her to do her work directly, not through him.

Another client, before we worked together, asked me more than once to work with her children. They refused. Then, she reached a point when it was clear work had to be done. We worked. She and I. Not with her children, and on issues that she did not feel were related to them. Not surprisingly, the session affected her children, as well. This is not to say that everything our children bring can be worked on through us. We parents like to take the “blame.” There is no “blame.” There is responsibility, and there is respect. We should be doing our work before we ask them to do theirs. We should respect their knowing for themselves, and when they say no, to such an offer: Accept it. And if we have the inner power to do so, ask ourselves if this might be an invitation for us to do our work.  

Shamanism for kids: What you need to know about shamanic healing session with children

∞ The session structure is the same as with adults. See the stages here. Sessions with children are often quicker. Children are quicker. Hence, sessions last no longer than an hour. Often much less.

Fewer words are used during the session. Children ask to experience. If the parent needs explanations, they are given afterward or via email. It’s often much better to just let things be. To allow a change, with no boundaries, limits, or the expectations that explanations bring.

∞ Some children ask for an in-person session in which we communicate, and they participate, feeling the work, able to ask questions, being curious about the drum or the rattle, saying whether they do, or do not, wish to accept a soul part that wishes to return to them. The older the children become, the more important it is to have them engage in the session and experience it. With older children, generally aged eight and older, their engagement can also be reached in a remote session, either with audio-only or including video.

∞ But… sometimes your child can’t sit still. Most children can’t sit still or lie down for a long time. As we work on the energetic bodies, work can also be done with an active child. Children can move around in a session. They can play with a toy. Or sometimes, when needed, with an extraction crystal facilitating the work.

∞ Remote sessions. Our current times invite us for mostly remote sessions. Isn’t it beautiful that shamanic work crosses time and space? That we can work from a distance and reach out even while keeping social distance? And especially with children. Little huge souls.

In remote sessions, some children lie quietly in their personal surroundings, a parent by their side, and are attuned to the session sounds and the shamanic practitioner’s guidance. Some instead play, read a book, or ask that the session will take place in their sleep. Some wish to be connected on video communication platforms, such as Zoom or Skype, to see who is working with them. Some prefer to be connected using audio-only.

For some time, I contemplated what the right way was. More and more, I find that just as children know whether a session is right for them or not, they know what path will work for them. As long as there is indeed explicit and direct permission for the work, I ask them and respect the child’s choice of how the session will occur. And then, according to the work that takes place and the specific child, I find ways to engage the child and their family in embedding it.

Our Children choose us to be their guides.

Our children are our most precious love. They choose us. They choose us to be their guides here. Sometimes, we need to reach within us. Sometimes very deep within us. To remember the starlight within. The starlight that made them choose us as their parents and not others. Our children chose us, knowing we will bring them the moon. The galaxies. The light. That we will extend our hearts as far as needed for them to be happy. Not happy from a room full of toys or a grade in school. Happy from their hearts. Walking with whole joy here on earth and sharing their gifts. Sometimes this extended reach is into energy healing/shamanic energy healing: a healing path for the soul.  

Have further questions? Please share here in the comments or privately through the contact form. It will help me see additional points of view and know what I need to add here :).
Thank you! 

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