New Possibilities: The possible is a choice to leap.

The possible is never predictable. Only once we – parents, choose the possible for ourselves, we can tell our children that anything is possible, and have them walk to the beautiful rhythm of their hearts.

Can we really tell our children that “anything is possible”?   

We tell our daughters, we say to our sons, that “anything is possible.” And then, we stay in the same job for years, even though we do not get along well with our boss or colleagues. We try to find interest in what we are doing. We insist it is what we always dreamed of, and ignore our hearts, twinkling at us to look in a different direction, one we dare not admit we are dreaming of. We tell our children that everything is possible when we do not walk our talk.

The possible is a choice. A choice to Leap.

The possible is a choice. A choice to leap. To try something new. The possible is about not rejecting any door that opens. And then, it’s also about not leaving any back doors behind. The possible is an adventure. Often, it is just about being willing to cross a river by using an existing bridge, instead of insisting on finding our way through the water, against strong currents. I learned it the hard way.

No event has a totally predicted outcome. Yes, sometimes, the outcome may be statistically expected. At the same time, it can be completely surprising. Against all the odds. The doctors did not predict I would heal so well, and if they did, they did not dare to say anything out loud. Not to evoke any expectation that might not come true. They always outlined all the (negative) possibilities. Only a few of them, optimistically, quietly, shared that it may also work out. They did not know about my near-death experience. They did not know the greater invitation brought by the car crash. Neither did I.

Could have things developed differently? Yes. The possible was possible, and is possible, because of a constant choice. Not to fall into the expected. Not to let other views affect me. Not to let my own fears, my own doubts, my own limiting beliefs run the show. We all walk with these. We all have internalized so many social perceptions of survival. They may serve us to a point. But, at some point, we get to a point of choice. Do we continue to participate in a game someone else constructed? Do we wish to run in the direction of our hearts? And our hearts… our hearts know our way.

Only when we dance to the rhythm that fills us with joy, then we can tell our daughters that “anything is possible.”

When we choose the possible. Usually choosing it without a clue where it might lead us. When we play the song of our hearts. When we dance to the rhythm that fills us with joy, then we can tell our daughters that “anything is possible.” Then we can say to our sons that “they can be anything they dream of.” They see us, and it is no longer about believing it. It’s about a living reality, dancing in front of their own eyes. Allowing, confirming, guiding them to sing their unique song. To dance their own dance. The possible.  

I never thought I would write. Writing is for writers. Writing is for those who are creative. I held a very limiting old belief that you must study, and if possible, pursue advanced studies, before you do anything. This limiting belief, which I hope I have managed to put behind me by now, took me to my Ph.D., and if it wasn’t for the car crash that tilted our world, would I have had the courage to walk away from that career path I had invested so much in? I am writing this, while many of us, around the world, are still to some extent, under the Covid-19 lockdown. How many will embrace the opportunity to make changes in their lives? How many will not go back to their old job, by their choice? Or quit studying what does not fill their hearts with joy? There is always a choice. A choice to be where we smile (a real smile, not a fake professional one). And when we see it, a door opens. A door to what can be. Often, we might find ourselves on a bumpy road. If indeed we do, and we are still walking, hiking, driving on it, with joy in our hearts, it means we are led by our hearts, and we have found our route.

The possible is never predictable – It’s only possible – A choice to leap.

The beauty with the possible is that it is never predictable. It’s only possible. It’s possible to climb mountains with no effort. It is possible to cross a rushing river, without getting wet. And more, if we choose to, it is possible to live a life of pure joy. It is possible for us. It is possible for our children. If… If we leap and make a choice. A choice of walking to the rhythm of our hearts.  

What choice do you need to make in order to leap?

What choice do you need to make to be filled with joy?

What choice do you need to make for you to be able to stand behind your words, and tell your child that anything is possible?

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